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  • (1) CHOOSE a book from the WRiTE BRAiN Store and order it now to author your original, handwritten story–one you’ll keep forever. Watch your mailbox! (You can also “click to pick” on a book in our Book Builder, and write your story on paper while looking at the illustrations on your computer screen.)
  • (2) WRITE your unique story on the wordless and illustrated pages of the book we send you. Helpful hints are below in the Step-by-Step Author’s Guide!
  • (3) PUBLISH your amazing book by signing in to our interactive Book Builder and typing the words of your complete story into the empty fields of your illustrated book. Make the SPELLCHECK feature your very best friend!
  • (4) ORDER as many hardcover or softcover copies of your published books as you want, and then try to stay calm as you eagerly await their arrival! You’ll receive a brand new, wordless WRiTE BRAiN BOOK for FREE with every copy you order!
  • (5) RECEIVE your published WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS, “Authored By You!”
  • (6) SHARE your original stories with everyone by giving your books as gifts, or donating them to a library, school, or even a homeless shelter. Post the amazing digital version of your published book on all your favorite social media sites. Make a video of you, or someone else, reading your book aloud and post that! Don’t forget to email your video to us. We may post it on our pages for other WRiTE BRAiNers to read!
  • (7) EXPAND your library of stories “Authored By You!” by choosing your next wordless WRiTE BRAiN BOOK and being published over and over again!
  • (8) JOIN the Write Brain Books Club for special membership benefits and discounts.
  • (9) ENTER your story for a chance to become a published author with a real book deal through WRiTE BRAiN PUBLiSHiNG. Just email your digital book link to [email protected]. Books will be featured and sold on our website and even published for sale at bookstores.

Sample Book


Author's guide

    1. What is happening in the picture? See the whole story before focusing on details.
    2. Describe the environment. What colors do you see? What textures?
    3. Who are the characters? What are their names?
    4. What are the characters doing? How do the characters feel?
    5. What sounds and smells are in the environment?


"Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, it is the fount of all invention and innovation... we have the power to imagine better"!

- J.K. Rowling

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