"Every Picture Tells THEIR Story!"

About Us

Our Purpose

WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS are richly illustrated, textless books, with lines on the pages, ready for any writer’s content. They are designed to ignite and inspire creativity and imagination in kids of all ages. Our books enable kids to write their own stories, publish beautiful hardcover copies, and build a personal library of self-authored books.

Our Vision

Kids writing original and inspired stories

Kids taking a fun break from their computer screens and keyboards

Kids triggering their own creativity and imagination

Kids creating characters they can relate to

Kids writing books with their parents, friends and siblings

Kids reading aloud in classrooms from books they authored themselves

Your bookshelves lined with Write Brain Books written by your kids

The publishing of Write Brain contest winners around the world

Kids with elevated self-esteem and boosted confidence

Your child’s Write Brain Book available in multiple languages

Our Philosophy

At WRiTE BRAiN Books, we’re firm believers in the power of “Yes!”. Our books communicate, “Yes!” to kids. Yes, you have an imagination. Yes, we’re interested in what you see and think. Yes, we want to read the story as you imagine it to be inside your head. You are allowed to be messy, to be expressive, to find your voice, to share your ideas with others. We provide children with wordless books so they can express themselves using their own words. There’s no right or wrong approach. We also foster the art of writing by hand, which is quickly vanishing, and with it, that deeply measured process of thinking and doing. We believe WRiTE BRAiN Books connect children to their inner voice, and encourage more reflection and less distraction. They provide a much needed balance to “TECHTIVITIES,” which according to many studies, are overwhelming our children’s brains. Our driving philosophy is simple: self-expression boosts self-esteem. This equation provides the basis for the work we do. Our books encourage creating and expressing by using imagination, which unlocks so many other life skills, including critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and innovation. This is why WBB aligns with Common Core. We’re part of a magnificent plan to grow our children into resourceful, smart, happy people.


“A young person’s self-esteem is elevated when his/her voice is encouraged, and his/her story is heard and appreciated.”

Meredith Scott Lynn,

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