"Every Picture Tells THEIR Story!"
Story Puzzle,    Item:  PUZ-008


Story Puzzle
$ 13.99

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Illustrator: Wong, Justin
Author: YOU!

An innovative approach to a time-honored activity! After a child solves the puzzle, he or she writes a short story about the puzzle’s artwork. Each puzzle comes with a WRiTE BRAiN pencil and poster-sized Story Mat featuring the puzzle's illustration with lines for their written story. For every one puzzle, there are so many stories one can tell!



Product Details
  • 100 Piece Puzzle (finished size 12”x9”)
  • 8x16 Story Mat with instructions, writing prompts, and room for your story!
  • Lead Free Write Brain Pencil
  • Piece your story together, then write it!
  • For kids ages 5-105