The Space Heroes
Israel Longoria
The Space Heroes
Israel Longoria
He has always been there for me when someone is bulling me.
Once upon a time these was there three super heroes Zoe, Fisherman, and Josiah. Zoe and Fisherman were playing this fantastic game of battle ship. Josiah and his pet cat Linzy were playing with a long piece of string.
Alert!Alert!Alert! "They said that the aliens escaped the galaxy prison and we must stop them," said Josiah. "Why does it always have to be the aliens why cant it be the monkeys that escape the zoo."
It was in the galaxy quit and aliens in the UFO going to earth looking for humans to experiment on them and make them into aliens.
There were three aliens and their names were Felisha, Celisha, Belisha, Felisha was the captain of the aliens and Felisha was mad at the humans for taking him into jail.
"Ready to rock and roll?" Zoe asked."Just to let you know these guys are not as weak as you think they are, they are tough as like King Kong pounding on his chest," said Josiah.
"Lets do this. This is going to be the biggest fight yet!" Said Zoe"your right about that" said Fisherman. Pow! Bang! Kabo!" Come on we got this, we only got a few more"said Zoe.
"Yes we won! They are surrendering" said all. "The aliens are ugly they look like my brother" said Zoe. Now, are we going inside the U.F.O. or what?
"Stay back or I'm going to shoot you with my laser gun" said Felisha." You don't want to do this, do you want it the easy way or the hard way,"said Zoe,"The hard way please" said Felisha. "Okay you asked for it" said Zoe.
"You can never defeat us" said Zoe. "The only place your going is jail, and your going to out of town prison"said Josiah "why?"Felisha yelled.
"Nice job space heroes we did it again couldn't have done it without you! "We couldn't have let you down either Josiah". "The space heroes to the rescue" said all.
I live in San Antonio Texas, and my elementary school  is Mary Hull elementary. My favorite sport is basketball. My favorite subject is math, reading, writing, science, social studies. Mostly math is the only one that I'm good at. Hope you will be a author to, someday.

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