The Magic Seeds
Janyia Thomas
The Magic Seeds
Janyia Thomas
My Mom
She does everything for me. My mom loves me and

pushes me to be the best kid I can be.
It was a quiet and dreary day. Esha gave Mia some magic seeds because it was her birthday . Esha knew that the seeds would grow and bring Mia lots of happiness, money and friends.  The seeds were very powerful!  Esha wore a beautiful blue and white dress with little stars shaped like flowers.  Mia had on a pink and white dress with a flower in her hair. Tisha had on a yellow and white dress with red flowers. Everyone was dressed nice and couldn't wait to plant the magic seeds.
After planting the magic seeds Mia went home, took a shower and changed into a beautiful red and white dress with a brown bow.  She stood on the porch and watched Tim and Joel play kickball on the playground. They were having  fun and enjoying the beautiful fall day.
Tim  was wondering why Joel and Mia were fighting about the magic seeds.  Joel wanted to take the seeds from Mia. Mia refused to give them to him!
She had promised her father and mother that she would plant the magic seeds that night and she was going to keep her word!.
Mia gathered a lantern, shovel, and her magic seeds.  She dug a large round hole and a small round hole in the ground by the big oak tree. One, two, three, magic seeds went into the hole.  Mia said , "Oh magic beans please bring me luck-grow, grow, grow!"
Mia planted so many magic seeds that she became tired and fell asleep at the bottom of the tree.  All of a sudden a beautiful fairy princess appeared named Ms. Lolo.   Ms. Lolo heard Mia make her wish, that the magic seeds would grow. She came to help make her wish come true. Waving her hands above the seeds, "Oh wind, oh rain, oh sun," Ms. Lolo said, "let your power shine on these seeds and make them glow and grow!"
Ms. Lolo was singing a song to make the seeds grow. It was a song from her heart.  As she sang the song her hands and heart started to glow!
Mia heard Ms. Lolo singing.  The song was so soft and beautiful it made Mia stare in amusement. Ms. Lolo heard Mia's wish and came to help her make her wish come true, to get her magic seeds to grow.
Ms. Lolo gave Mia instructions on how to take care of the magic seeds. Spring came and the magic seeds busted through the ground. Mia kept watering them.  Finally summer came and the magic seeds grew into a small two inch tree.
Mia remembered what Ms. Lolo said, "Always sing, love and water your magic seeds and they will grow."  Fall came and Mia was still taking good care of her tree.  By the time winter came, the tree had grown at least three and a half feet tall.
Mia , Tisha and Joel were looking at her tree. They smiled and gasped when they realized the tree was from the magic seeds that Mia had planted several months ago. Mia was happy to show off her tree to her friends.  As they were watching the tree, several little bunches of magic seeds appeared at the top of the tree. Tisha and Joel were shocked!
The magic seeds grew and grew.  Mia sang and showed it love from her heart. The tree grew as Mia grew. Soon the tree was one of the tallest trees in the forest. Everyday Mia visited the tree and sung to it. That tree will be a part of her life forever!
One day Mia was setting in the forest leaning against her tree and fell asleep.  She was very proud of herself because she had just won an art contest in school.  As she slept , she started to dream about her magic seeds and how they had grown into a large tree. Ms Lolo appeared and whispered to Mia that she had done a great job of taking care of the tree! Your tree will soon be used to build houses in a new neighborhood.  Mia woke up smiling she was proud of what she had grown!
Janyia Thomas is ten years old. She attends B. K. Bruce Elementary School in Houston, Texas. When she grows up she wants to be a dancer.  Her hobbies are story writing and science.

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