Bullies Have Hard Times Too
Mariela Garcia Sanchez
Bullies Have Hard Times Too
Mariela Garcia Sanchez
Bullies and the victims of bullies
Everyone should have a second chance to get to know each other.
Its a Sunday night and Alex is going to start her first day in second grade at  Linda Vera Elementary School. Since it's still 8:30 she has 30 minutes more till her bedtime. She decides to write a comic so all the kids at Linda Vera would think it's cool and would want to be her friend. Her comic is about all these kids dressed as super heroes and etc...but her 30 minutes are up and it's time for her to go to sleep in her best green pajamas.
First to start off her day, she shows three boys Ugly Timmy ,Da'quan ,and Josh.They all start off with sarcasm and begin to make Alex feel bad."What is this, it is so ugly like EWWW",says Ugly Timmy."I mean I guess its not bad",says Da'quan with a smirk trying his best not to laugh."AHAHAHA that's so bad its ugly EW its hurting my eyes",said Josh making an even bigger deal than it is.That drew the line for Alex she began to cry and sob but the boys  didn't care at all.
After her long first day of school, Alex hears from a distance a lot of barking ,but she doesn't know where it's coming from so she continues to walk.She does notice  though it is getting louder and louder."I must be getting close", Alex thought to herself.
As she's walking, she passes two dogs and one was all little and hurtled up and the other looked as if it was about to eat him. She doesn't know what to do, but she knows she has to act fast.
Alex springs into action and grabs anything she can get a hold of so she grabs a trash can top and a bat."Go away you mean big bully and don't come back",Alex yells. The dog finally leaves and she knows she has done the right thing, while looking at the little dog on the back of her.
As she is standing, she knows she wished someone would have protected her like she did to that dog at school, but that wasn't her issue right now. She had to go home, so she decides to adopt the dog and name him Buddy.
As she is getting ready to start walking with Buddy, he jumps up and licks her cheek as a sign of appreciation for helping him out with the big, mean, bully, dog. After that lick, she begins to walk and he followed.
As she gets home, she starts to play with buddy, and she was happy she had finally made a new friend. Just when she thought everything was grand, Ugly Timmy says,"What kind of name is buddy?"She turns around and gives him a mean look.
Buddy yells out a mean, big bark and scares everything form Ugly Timmy as he about to almost cry, but he didn't. He just stood there shocked like he had never heard a dog bark before.
"Sit buddy", Alex says. "Next time you better watch out because I won't call him off and that's what you get for being a big mean bully",said Alex.
Right when he was about to walk away, he turns and says "Sorry, I didn't mean to be mean to you I just have a lot of problems and just let them out on anyone and when I saw you, I just saw a target but I apologize"Ugly Timmy says.
After a long silence, Alex finally says"Um, hey do you want to come in and play with me and buddy?"
"Me, even after I was mean to you?You would still let me play with you?"responds Ugly Timmy. "Yea of course, I will. I am not mean like that",says Alex.
Alex lets Timmy in and she let him re meet buddy since they got off on the wrong foot.Buddy let out another big lick but under his breath he said bro you better not even touch my best friend but it was ignored.
Finally, they all ran off to go play all as friends.The best thing is that Alex got all her friends that she wished for.
Hi my name is Mariela Garcia and I grew up in Lancaster California.I always grew up with fake people and I know they talk about people so I decided to write this book to help those fake people out of there problems and to leave them alone.

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